The Beginning

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I didn't start out in the gym pumping iron....or....running healthy meals from scratch in the kitchen!  Actually, I started when I was drinking 2 Dr. Peppers a day...

exercise was limited at 20 minutes (3x a week)...eating quick carb snacks throughout the day!  If you were to look at me, it might not have seemed that my diet was that bad.  But I sure could feel it!  I remember waking up one morning, getting the kids ready and feeling extremely tired!  I was tired of feeling tired!  I was tired of looking in the mirror and knowing I didn't take good care of myself!  I want to be the bestt example to my kids in all areas.  Even in living healthy, because after all you only live once!

    My friend Angela is amazing!  She is a single mom, working a full time job and ages like Benjamin Button!  O.k. not literally! That was just a play on words but she does look amazing!  While we were talking, I started telling her how my energy had decreased and asked her what she does to keep up! She introduced me to Usana supplements.  Supplements?  Believe me I had my doubts!  For just 1.56 a day, I thought it would be worth the try!

    In just a few days I noticed my energy level increased!  I had no longer felt sluggish midday and I noticed that my allergies were not a problem anymore!  Usually after I mow the yard, I'm needing to take a few doses of Mucinex and Zyrtec, in hopes of keeping my allergies at bay.  This time was different!  I had no allergic reaction after mowing!            

 Whoop! Whoop!  

I was thrilled!  I was hooked!  It changed my world!!  

    This is a daily regiment I can't live without!  Due to my hiatal hernia I'm not able to swallow pills but I will take the time each morning and night to crush them and chug it down in a little bit of OJ! Taking the time everyday to do this is so worth it!  I began to research the company and it made me fall in love with Dr. Wentz Vision and the quality of Usana products!

    Usana Essentials gave me a new look at supplements.  Usana encourages their customers to be educated on the WHY?  Why certain supplements are needed and how it can improve your daily living.  I love the fact that I'm being educated and not just told what to take!  Education is key!  We are all different and what works for one may not work for another.  This is where you have the power to take charge of your health!   

    I shared Usana with my mom who at the time was needing help with lowering her blood pressure.  After completing the Usana Reset, she lost 8lbs and lowered her blood pressure!  Her doctor was pleased and so was she! Mind you, I do not believe in quick fixes!! With a determined mind, a little time to prepare meals, exercise and inspiration you can achieve good health!  Dr. Wentz believes that when the human body is given the right supplements then it is able to reginerate that which it is lacking!  Our bodies are incredible and you can turn things around! All it takes is to start somewhere. 

    Seeing how my health and my families had improved I decided to become a business partner with Usana.  If you want to give your health a boost, you will not be disappointed!  I would love to help you improve your health and meet your goals!  Together we are strong!  

Is there something you struggle to give up?

What has helped you stay accountable and on target to accomplish your health goals?



Angela and I                                                                       Usana Essentials for just a 1.56 a day