Love is Blind

Category: Life Created: Tuesday, 05 May 2015 22:20

When you read this title, you may have thought love is blind in a negative way, but I see this in a positive way.  Let me explain.

Last weekend I went to a crawfish boil.  As we sat around the table eating and laughing at each other, my dear friend began to snort while she laughed.  Someone made a comment about the snort, but her husband looked at her with a glance, as if to say..."I love you...snorting and all!"  How beautiful!  Call me a romantic, but I truly believe that we all should love in this way.  His love for her allows her to be who she is...snorting and all.  He doesn't get embarrased or ask her to stop.  

I realized that out of my desire to please others, I would hold back who I was.  I was unsure of embarrasing them or how they would view me. I remember a time when someone told me that I was "too friendly", and that it freaked people out.  So, I began to question whether or not to talk to someone or to leave them alone.  What I am learning is that I was allowing that person to change who I really was...friendly, always encouraging and helper.  This also had me feeling lifeless.  It was like that phrase..."walking on eggshells".  In the past two years, I have let go of feeling the need to meet other's expectations and have opened myself back up to being who I am!  In doing so, I have made the most amazing friends!  Friends who love me for all the times I feel compelled to tell them how wonderful they are or for becoming "best friends" with the lady standing in line.  We ALL have our own personality and quirks!  That's what makes you...YOU!  I love people and how different we all are.  Yes, sometimes I get impatient or annoyed at some things, but I end up just laughing because I know that the feeling has been mutual!  Life is too short to live looking for imperfections or expecting those around me to conform to my standards.

Love doesn't demand it's own way.  I know that when I am truly loving others, if there comes a time when I really do need to change or there are things that I need to change...then I will.  I want true love to rule all that I am.  Love covers all!  

But never allow someone to come and make you into something you are not!  It is not healthy, and you will loose who you are. Instead, put positive people around you, who love you no matter what!  Who encourage you and cheer you on!  Those who, when you do mess up, are forgiving, and in the end y'all end up lauging about it ...those who see the best!                                                                  

Be encouraged that it is not the image of perfection that will make you happy, but finding the true, perfect YOU...mishaps and all!