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About a year ago my friend, Mindy and I were wanting to get back into shape. We had great ideas of how to do it but finding time and staying consistent seemed to be a problem.

    We didn’t start exercising 5 days and week and eating clean every day! Oh, no we needed to start slow and easy! At least we were starting to change something….right?
    We started with working out two days a week. Whether it be a run or a 30 minute Pinterest workout, we did it!  I remember doind a Shaun T. workout and afterwards you would see us laying on the floor from exhaution! But we stayed consistent! Sure there were times throughout the year where one of us fell off the bandwagon, but when one fell off, the other was there to put a fire under our tooshy! It has been a year now, and our little two-some has grown to 8 marvelous moms!
I introduce to you….the WOD MOMS

    Want to talk about accountability?! Whew! If we miss, we have 7 moms on our tail! Just one mom is enough! Lol. I look back at the beginning and realize that, due to how busy life can get, it is important to have accountability.  On days when I don’t feel like working out, this is the driving force that pushes me. Of course I feel great afterwards, but getting there was a different story. Be encouraged! No matter where you are at, your goals are attainable. Remember to start somewhere.  It takes time.  There are no quick fixes, but be consistent and find what works for you!  Surround yourself with encouraging people!
The NikeTraining app really helped me stay focused and get acquainted with workouts.  Join our W.O.D MOM movement and follow us on my twitter account!  Together We Are Strong!!   

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Has there been a time when being accountable made a difference for you?