Super Mom

Category: Life Created: Wednesday, 25 March 2015 09:19

Mom. Where's my shoes?  

I don't know. I didn't wear them last.

But I don't know where they are...can you help me find them?


Yes, I will

There are mornings when I hear my name over 30 times.  Mom....Mom ....Mom!

At that moment it seems overwhelming to be the one and only to help solve the problem at hand. 

    I am the one who hears the hard part of their day.  I am the one they come to when they are stuck in a situation.  I am the one who hears the doubt in their hearts.  I am the one they run to when they need to let everything that's inside their sweet mind out!

    I wouldn't want them to go anywhere else to find comfort or direction.  There are moments when I feel like pulling my hair out, not knowing how much more I can take.  Then, I remember that it is for only a few years that I have to guide them in seeing past their circumstances.  To help them see who they are and to dream big!  To help them understand that not everyone is going to like them, and that is o.k.  To encourage them that when they fall; to get back up because one day they will have success!  To love them unconditionally so that their buckets will be full.  To teach them that everyone has bad days...the grass is not greener on the other side.  

Never come to a point when you think you know it all, for you might miss out on seeing how great you can be!

I am not perfect by any means, but to them I am supermom, and I find great joy in that!