Are you ready to DELIVER?

Category: Life Created: Saturday, 02 April 2016 08:29

I wake up pretty early in the mornings.  I feel that is when I can quiet my spirit, hear God and prepare my mind and soul to serve my family and others for the day.  This morning, I had the pleasure of sharing it with

my parents. I have a great heritage and have seen them walk life with Love and Humility.  They live a life of servant leadership and I have great respect for them.  So when we talk with them I always tune in and take notes!  Today we started talking about leadership and tools I have learned from my Usana family and leadership calls.  During this conversation my dad said this phrase...

Everyone is Pregnant but very few Deliver!    

You can be pregnant with ideas but never deliver "full term".  Or sometimes there is a delivery but it is "still born".  Having three kids this made me think of the times I was pregnant.  I took my vitamins everyday, made sure to eat as healthy as possible, didn't put my body through stressful or straining situations.  I did all this so that the "little one" I was carrying would be able to grow and I was giving him/her all that they needed.  

So now applying that to leadership. Hmmm....well I felt "pregnant".  Now I needed to look at if I was doing things to facilitate delivering at "full-term" or NOT.   I believe that once we look at our goals and then review how we spend our day, we will have a good idea of what to improve.  

You are smart!  Its good to have leadership role models, but don't get too caught up in doing everything the exact same.  You are different and with that you have wonderful ways of giving to those around.  

You are one of a kind!  No one else can do what you can!  So, take what you and listen to others that are influencial leaders....then adjust and apply change that fits who you are and where you want to go!

Here is a list that I have chosen to use as a blueprint.  Especially when Life gets busy....  

1. Start the day with prayer and reading - it is a wonderous thing how this can positively affect my day and they way I will perceive things.  

2. Be intentional with your time    

3. Serve others    

4. Create order in your life.  Where there is order there is peace, comfort and productivity.   

5. Keep the vision of where you desire to go in front of you -

    Proverbs 29:18  "Where there is no vision, the people perish"

6. Surround yourself with leaders in these three areas to keep the "whole" body growing.    

Spirit: Pastor - He/She is praying for you and your spiritual shepard.    

Personal: Mentor -  I have a mentor for personal growth and for my business. My personal mentor I have had for 20 years. Because of this I have allowed God to dig deep. so my roots will grow strong and I will NOT waiver with the "winds of life".  As for my business mentor, I have found leaders that lead themselves first and therefore create a culture of leaders to grow with them.  They hold me accountable and I fill my Facebook feed with their posts.

Health: Stay active with friends who have similar goals.  Make it fun! When our physical body is healthy it will affect the rest of your life...relationships and such a positive way!  


                                                  Now Go DELIVER!!!

pun intended!  lol!