No time better than now!

Category: Life Created: Tuesday, 26 May 2015 09:32

I have decided that there is no better time than now!  I have a "trillion" ideas that run through my head in a day.  Ideas that seem impossible to attain.  Ideas that may

seem strange or unnecessary to another.  What do I do with these ideas?  I forget about them and toss them to the side.  Thinking that it probably will not work or I don't have the resources to accomplish the task.  While that all may be true, I forget that I am created in God's image.  That means His creativity works in and through me!  For me to toss these ideas to the side is to toss the very opportunity God gave me to create! 

I remember the time I started to teach my daughter how to ride her bike.  She had so many questions because she was scared of falling and wanted to make sure that would not happen.  Although I could not promise she wouldn't fall, I could promise that when she perfected how to ride a bike there would be a lot of fun to follow.  I encouraged her to press through the fear.  I knew that the fear would hold her back from life experiences!  

Now, lets look at our own life.  How many times do we hold back from opportunities because of fear.  I feel comfortable in my step by step directions! Unfortunately life does not give us "step by step" directions.  It will however present us with opportunities to SHINE, opportunities to become something beyond our wildest dreams, opportunities to live!  Don't hold yourself back!!  Step out of your comfort zones and know that you have the creativity that is God-given! There will be times you will feel like it's pointless or not going anywhere.  Those are the times to press through.  Believe not in your own strength but in the strength God gave you.  Believe He is with you every step of the way.  In its time and through the process, He will guide you and create the impossible for you!  

Now go Create!!